Ripple me not

DSC_0017I know what you’re going through bro!

That’s the first thing we hear people say when we tell them how bad our day was. I’ve always wondered how you could possibly know.   Maybe you’ve experience the same situation as me yes but you sure as heck don’t know what I’m going through because oh wait you’re not me!

But how am I supposed to respond to a sticky situation? Should I just sit around and wait for it to be over? Should I be ignoring it?


Should I be working my way through it? What if that wasn’t all that was coming my way? What if there was a second wave, or a third or a RIPPLE effect? A ripple that will bring waves of dilemmas and stressors into my oh so perfect Barbie and Ken life.Don’t fret because life isn’t always going to be a ripple. If you look at it real close you come to realize this ripple emanates from a sole source. DSC_0027One that can be controlled or displaced if needed. One that you have complete authority over anytime you decide it needs to be done with. So take charge of your life while you can. Choose to take a fishing trip on a wobbly boat or a wonderful cruise on a steady ship. Nonetheless, we don’t want be on a voyage all year long now do we? After all constant stillness in the water seems a wee bit too boring for most of us doesn’t it?