Puff and stuff – Pufnstuf


In the early 1400-1000 BC tobacco was commonly used as an entheogen in trade agreements. Large amount of tobacco was carried in pouches and smokes in peace pipes during ceremonious events. This symbolizes a sealed deal between two parties. In times of war, smoking was also sometimes perceived to be a form of truce between two different armed forces. The Christmas truce was indeed a great example of this act between the German and British soldiers. The unofficial ceasefire took place a week before Christmas along the Western Front where soldiers exchanges greetings and cigarette.

Tobacco was sometimes even use to symbolize the maturation into adulthood. It is ofern believed that tobacco is a gift from the creator and the smoke exhalation signifies ones prayer to the creator. Although this notion seems a little stray from most people’s reason for smoking these days, it could just be the origin of how smoking among adults gained its popularity.