Hold your fire

Have you felt the sudden urge to chase something you fell instantly in love with but could not?

Waiting for something can often be a sticky situation. You start out being hopeful of the ultimate product, trying to enact your thoughts and ideas in that direction to see how you would change. You feel a warm breeze in your heart that tells you that this is it, this is the one thing that would make you feel complete again – am I the only one who identifies this situation to the chills I get waiting for the new iPhone to hit the market?

In the midst of all that positivity, you might suddenly start to fear the change.  What if it changes too much? What if it doesn’t change at all? What if I miss my shot? Would I have a second chance? Does it even matter anymore?

Yet the one thing that doesn’t change is your desire, the need to get what you crave for does not diminish. It could potentially manifest within you and drive you further. So hang in there! Wait for the right moment. The wait is painful yes; but if its’ worth it, it would be a KISS song- a sweet pain.

Take your shot when the time is right, and it might just blow your mind away, Some shots are worth the wait.