Hold your fire

Have you felt the sudden urge to chase something you fell instantly in love with but could not?

Waiting for something can often be a sticky situation. You start out being hopeful of the ultimate product, trying to enact your thoughts and ideas in that direction to see how you would change. You feel a warm breeze in your heart that tells you that this is it, this is the one thing that would make you feel complete again – am I the only one who identifies this situation to the chills I get waiting for the new iPhone to hit the market?

In the midst of all that positivity, you might suddenly start to fear the change.  What if it changes too much? What if it doesn’t change at all? What if I miss my shot? Would I have a second chance? Does it even matter anymore?

Yet the one thing that doesn’t change is your desire, the need to get what you crave for does not diminish. It could potentially manifest within you and drive you further. So hang in there! Wait for the right moment. The wait is painful yes; but if its’ worth it, it would be a KISS song- a sweet pain.

Take your shot when the time is right, and it might just blow your mind away, Some shots are worth the wait.



Of dreams and desires

DSC_0024If one thing I know, I’m following my dream, I’m watching where it takes me and who I become.

Being able to listen to your inner voice is a blessing and curse in my opinion. Of course it takes the extra effort as well to follow what your heart’s deepest desires; but a strong dream embraces a tiny part of your soul within it. Every little dream that gets destroyed or rather buried hangs on to a piece of you, a memory, a time when that is all you ever wanted.DSC_0094The impulse to follow your dreams is a choice we make intuitively. The naïve little demon then pushes and prances around as it takes over your thoughts. Everything that gets thrown your way gets added to the puzzle, the puzzle that could potentially bring you down real soon but you just don’t know it yet.

DSC_0017We give up our hopes and dreams for multiple reasons. A reason that may seem trivial at some point soon becomes unbearable forcing us to lose all hope. But hope in most cases is never lost, it’s only forgotten. There is always hope in the world, for as long as you breathe there shall be a glimmer of hope for every one of your dreams. It all boils down to how snug of stitch you would need to escape from. Set your problems free, take your time and find the needle in the haystack – DSC_0008well if it ever was worth the trouble that is, we all know how messy that could get.

All you have to do is have a dream.

So, make a wish – do you have it? Now believe it.


Beauty comes with a prize.


How many of us have actually used this god forbidden hashtag on Instagram photos may I ask? If you are one average looking duckling like me you’d probably know what I mean and where I’m coming from.

If we could all be born head to toe dead gorgeous like Angelina or Adam Levine(* yes I googled search A list stars and these two were the vast majority) that’ll be great but in our generation, beauty come with a price. That my friend is one big fat bill I don’t want or need to be paying for. But yes I still want to be beautiful, not so much on the outside though.DSC_0130

Having a beautiful soul is all I could ever desire. One that is pure like a little child yet cultured like an adult. Gone were the days when people thought all things beautiful were actually delightful- we’ve all had our fair share of ex-girlfriends to prove that point.

So strive for a beautiful soul and maybe, just maybe you’d wake up flawless.


Ripple me not

DSC_0017I know what you’re going through bro!

That’s the first thing we hear people say when we tell them how bad our day was. I’ve always wondered how you could possibly know.   Maybe you’ve experience the same situation as me yes but you sure as heck don’t know what I’m going through because oh wait you’re not me!

But how am I supposed to respond to a sticky situation? Should I just sit around and wait for it to be over? Should I be ignoring it?


Should I be working my way through it? What if that wasn’t all that was coming my way? What if there was a second wave, or a third or a RIPPLE effect? A ripple that will bring waves of dilemmas and stressors into my oh so perfect Barbie and Ken life.Don’t fret because life isn’t always going to be a ripple. If you look at it real close you come to realize this ripple emanates from a sole source. DSC_0027One that can be controlled or displaced if needed. One that you have complete authority over anytime you decide it needs to be done with. So take charge of your life while you can. Choose to take a fishing trip on a wobbly boat or a wonderful cruise on a steady ship. Nonetheless, we don’t want be on a voyage all year long now do we? After all constant stillness in the water seems a wee bit too boring for most of us doesn’t it?