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Beauty comes with a prize.


How many of us have actually used this god forbidden hashtag on Instagram photos may I ask? If you are one average looking duckling like me you’d probably know what I mean and where I’m coming from.

If we could all be born head to toe dead gorgeous like Angelina or Adam Levine(* yes I googled search A list stars and these two were the vast majority) that’ll be great but in our generation, beauty come with a price. That my friend is one big fat bill I don’t want or need to be paying for. But yes I still want to be beautiful, not so much on the outside though.DSC_0130

Having a beautiful soul is all I could ever desire. One that is pure like a little child yet cultured like an adult. Gone were the days when people thought all things beautiful were actually delightful- we’ve all had our fair share of ex-girlfriends to prove that point.

So strive for a beautiful soul and maybe, just maybe you’d wake up flawless.


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Dedicated self improving photographer. Avid experimenter of the Goprohero3+ and NikonD7100. Youtube channel:

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