Get a load of Langkawi

Travelling has always induced endorphins for me. Looking back at my travel journeys I tended to be more goal oriented- get to destination, check in, get a beer, lounge by the beach. What fun was that though? How many of us have planned a vacation with so much scrutiny we forgot to even enjoy the little things- or the big things, that’ll be ballsy my friends. How many times have you taken a trip and fretted your vacation buddy or the hotel or the food, maybe even the weather?

Perhaps we could make the best out of these circumstances. So what if we have an infuriating little vacation buddy, have fun! Talk about the time you both had a good laugh or about the song that’s playing on the radio or how BREATHTAKING it actually is out there- you might not need to talk for this one so that’s a plus if he/she sounds like a squeaking chalk on a chalkboard. Don’t waste precious time arguing about how sucky the trip is, instead grab those sucky moments by the head and spin them around. Have a go at this my friends and you might just be my new vacation buddy!


Beauty comes with a prize.


How many of us have actually used this god forbidden hashtag on Instagram photos may I ask? If you are one average looking duckling like me you’d probably know what I mean and where I’m coming from.

If we could all be born head to toe dead gorgeous like Angelina or Adam Levine(* yes I googled search A list stars and these two were the vast majority) that’ll be great but in our generation, beauty come with a price. That my friend is one big fat bill I don’t want or need to be paying for. But yes I still want to be beautiful, not so much on the outside though.DSC_0130

Having a beautiful soul is all I could ever desire. One that is pure like a little child yet cultured like an adult. Gone were the days when people thought all things beautiful were actually delightful- we’ve all had our fair share of ex-girlfriends to prove that point.

So strive for a beautiful soul and maybe, just maybe you’d wake up flawless.